About Flags Down Under

Sells a piece of homeland to our Multicultural Community. Colourful, decorative, emotive flags from every country in the world, gives everyone a strong reminder of where they have come from. And to remind us all of where we are now, we have special flags like the Eureka Flag and the Boxing Kangaroo Flag, to bring forth our sense of national pride.

These Flags come in a variety of sizes - large: desk-table; hand held wavers; novelty and historical; plus an extensive range of Flag Lapel Pins. Not only do we stock Lapel Pins of every nation - we have gone the extra mile and offer Flag Lapel Pins of various Subnation and Counties.

All of us at "FLAGS DOWN UNDER" believe that the customer is always right, and we will go out of our way to give you a quick and efficient service - we will provide more than what you expect.